hlab spring 2017
lab members
Camille Qulgars, Postdoctoral Scholar
Jayashri Viswanathan, Predoctoral student
Brielle Ferguson, Postdoctoral Fellow
I’m interested in understanding cognitive impairments in epilepsy, with a particular focus on the intersection of attentional impairments and absence seizures. To explore this, I’m using fiber photometry, slice physiology, and optogenetics to examine…
FACT: I can’t intentionally whistle, but whistle sometimes on accident.
Current Position
Assistant Professor of Genetics and Neurology, Harvard Medical School
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John Huguenard, Chief of Flannel
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Jacob Hull, Postdoctoral Scholar
My primary research interest is directed at how tiny molecular donuts (voltage gated sodium channels) coordinate tiny molecular lighting (action potentials) both in quantity and patterning in disorders such as epilepsy and intellectual disability. In…
FACT: I am a dedicated re-reader (my max is ~15 times with Lord of the Rings)
Emmalyn Leonard, Rotation Student
Cameron Glick, Life Sciences Research Assistant
Gil Vantomme, Postdoctoral Scholar
My primary research interest is directed at how synapses, the connections between neurons, work to support high cognitive functions and how they are affected in mental diseases such as epilepsy and autism.
FACT: I have been in a dance troupe performing Michael Jackson’s best hits
Sung-Soo Jang, Postdoctoral Scholar
I am examining NeuroPeptideY dynamics during seizures using combined electrophysiology and imaging techniques in vitro and in vivo. I am very interested in discovering novel therapies to reverse uncontrolled brain activity in epileptic brain
FACT: I cannot live without COFFEE in the lab (No Coffee, No Gain)
Gabrielle Devienne, Postdoctoral Scholar
I am currently testing an innovative tool that allows for inhibition of Voltage Gated Sodium Channels with spatiotemporal precision. This is a collaborative project with the Du Bois lab. This tool will then allow me to better understand mechanisms b…
FACT: 私 は 日本語 と 英語 べんきょう お します。
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Trixie, just Trixie
Christine Liu, Undergraduate student
Carl Pisaturo, applications engineer
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Myrna Canizares, administrative associate
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Xianlan Wen, Postdoctoral Scholar (co-mentored with Merritt Maduke)